Generate Local Momentum

TAIPEI 101 has endeavored to leverage its core capabilities as the hub of domestic commerce and an icon of international exchange to create a positive platform of exchange to facilitate the development of local social enterprises and promotion of cultural creativity industries. With the continual effort from multiple parties, TAIPEI 101 has been operating like an engine that keeps driving and promoting cultural creativity and local brands. In the future, TAIPEI 101 will stay true to such spirit and continue to actively work with various parties in order to become the window for the world to catch a glimpse of Taiwan.

Material topics addressed in this chapter include corporate image, platform of collaboration and exchange for industries, government and academia, promoting the values and brands of Taiwan, cultural creativity and charity promotion, smart service experience and so forth. This chapter will begin with an overview of the international honors and recognitions that TAIPEI 101 has received, as well as our achievements in the domain of facilitating collaboration and exchange for industries, government and academia. We will then explain our promotions of local brands, cultural creativity businesses and our input and performance in the development of smart tourism in order to demonstrate how TAIPEI 101 delivers optimal local momentum as the highest platform of exchange.


2.1 The Highest Exchange Platform


Ever since its completion, TAIPEI 101 has always been a focal point for various domestic media. As Taiwan’s highest tourist attraction and the embodiment of Taiwan’s image, we have been diligently at work to fulfill our corporate social responsibilities.

2.1.1 International Honors and Recognitions

Material Issue: Corporate Image
 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 17

Ever since its completion, TAIPEI 101 has received an assortment of accolades and recognitions from the media around the world, including: “a miracle of architecture”, “the world’s toughest building”, “one of the most beautiful sky scrapers of the world”, “top ten eco-friendly offices around the world” and so forth. In order to maintain TAIPEI 101’s corporate image, we have established our Corporate Branding & Communications Department to take charge of corporate image management and ensure effective administration of affairs such as corporate identification, trademark licensing, copyright licensing and so forth. In addition, the department has also established SOPs for corporate management for other departments to adhere and refer to. In 2017, TAIPEI 101 has once again delivered impressive performance, which shall be summarized as below.

Fitch Ratings: AA- Long-Term Ratings

For our first application for credit ratings, TAIPEI 101 has been assigned a first-time national long-term rating of ‘AA-(twn)’, with stable outlook. According to Fitch Ratings, TAIPEI 101’s credit rating is supported by the sustained full occupancy rate of its shopping center; the stable lease rate and revenue from lease reflect the low-risk and stable nature of TAIPEI 101’s assets.

Invitation to Speak at International Green Building Expos as A Guest of Honor

The chairman of TAIPEI 101 was invited to speak at two international conferences/expositions, namely the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH)’s 2017 Conference in Australia and the “GreenBuild International Conference& Expo” held in Chicago by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to share and exchange the experiences and challenges on skyscraper operation and green building management with industry leaders from around the world.

Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards: Corporate Sustainability Report Gold Award and Growth through Innovation Award

In the 10th 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards organized by Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy, the winners were revealed in November and TAIPEI 101 received the highest honor of the Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Award with the Gold Award in the Corporate Sustainability Report Awards (in the Real Estate and Construction category) and Growth through Innovation Award (for Service) in the Best Performance of Specific Categories. In 2017, 143 corporations applied to take part in the awards. With our exclusive green building management model, unique green building tour APP and environmental protection tour, TAIPEI 101 has managed to win this prestigious award, which adequately reflects our resolve in fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and commitment to sustainable operation.

2017 Buying Power
“The New Product and Service of Social Innovation Purchase Reward Program”
– Top Award and Special Award

Organized by the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, “The new product and service of social innovation Purchase Reward Program” was created to promote the products and services of social innovation enterprises through targeted purchasing in order to achieve the objective of social charity and balancing social development. The list of award winners was published in December and TAIPEI 101 received the top award as a gesture of encouragement for us as a government agency/enterprise that had supported social innovation enterprise through concrete actions. In addition, since TAIPEI 101 had made actual contributions towards supporting social innovation enterprises and exerted our short and long-term influences in 2017, we also received the special award.

TAIPEI 101’s LEED certification page:
Eco Echo Award

Jointly organized by United Microelectronics Corporation and Global Views Monthly magazine in 2017, the Eco Echo Award serves as an incentive for ecological protection and preservation organizations to propose plans and projects with pioneering approaches to promote environmental sustainability development and jointly commit to protect Taiwan’s ecological environments in the long run. TAIPEI 101 had the honor of being a proponent of green and environmental protection by serving as a sponsor by providing the venue for the award presentation ceremony and green building tours pro bono in order to emphasize the perfect integration of the Eco Echo Award and our green building. We also hope that through the award as an incentive, we will help to inspire greater awareness for ecological preservation for the general public.

TAIPEI 101 received “National long-term AA-“ rating from Fitch Ratings
Fitch Ratings Inc.: As one of the big three credit rating agencies, Fitch Ratings specializes in corporate risk and credit ratings, with scope of their services covering ratings for financial institutions, enterprises, nations, local governments and structured financing.
History of Awards

2.1.2 Platform of Collaboration and Exchange for Industries, Government and Academia

Material topic: Platform of Collaboration and Exchange for industries, Government and Academia
 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 17

Conscious of our role as a platform of vital importance to Taiwan, TAIPEI 101 has been actively involved in different collaboration projects with industries, government and schools to establish partnership exchange and cooperation relationships in an effort to promote the values of Taiwan and facilitate social exchanges. At the beginning of each year, relevant departments will establish their annual targets and plans for industry-government-academia exchange platform to be approved by the President for relevant implementations later in the year. At the end of the year, status of accomplishment for specific targets will be reviewed during the CSR Conference. TAIPEI 101 has leveraged its height to enhance the visibility for the inputs and efforts contributed by various parties. For information on domestic/foreign industry-government-academia interactions on green buildings, refer to Chapter 3.1.1.

Interaction with Industries
TAIPEI 101 x KPMG Sending Love to Rural Areas in Northern Thailand – A Trip of Voluntary Information Service

In response to the government’s “New Southbound Policy” and the initiative “Bring Taiwan to the World” in our effort to establish our influence as a landmark, TAIPEI 101 has been supporting disadvantaged minorities and actively seeking opportunities to serve the communities in rural areas. Huaxing Elementary School, located in Mae Salong in northern Thailand, was chosen as the target for our voluntary service. The school has been struggling with inadequate PC software/hardware equipment and lacked a teaching staff for computer classes. And as such, we have invited KPMG – an important tenant to TAIPEI 101 and our suppliers whom we have been collaborating for a long time to take part in the 6-days voluntary service by offering 3 hours of information technology classes each day for 40~60 students per class. We also took 4 notebook PCs that have reached their scheduled service duration but are still usable and one projector and donated them to Huaxing Elementary School as a way to make reuse existing resources.

The 2017 CTBC · TAIPEI 101 International Run-Up

In order to promote sports and exercise, TAIPEI 101 has been organizing the annual international run up races since 2005. “Go and be Brave!” was the theme for the 2017 TAIPEI 101 International Run-Up event, which attracted more than 4,500 participants from 36 nations around the world. As an incentive to draw more athletes to be a part of the event, we have offered a special prize money of NT$ 200,000 for record breaking while increasing the amount of other cash prizes. “The 2017 CTBC‧TAIPEI 101 International Run-Up” is one of the Tower Running World Cup circuit events for the Tower Running World Association and for the first time, TAIPEI 101 was chosen as the host of the Asian-Oceanian Towerruning Championships for the first time. And as such, it is the best stage for the top run-up athletes from around the world to shine. The event was also named as 1st place in the Gold Medal Service Survey in the “Road-run event” category by the Common Wealth Magazine.As an additional bonus, TAIPEI 101 has also sponsored the airfare for athletes that win the championship in Taiwan to participate in the next stop of the International Run-Up circuit. Apart from the attractive prizes, the International Run-Up event has also us to achieve the goal of facilitating exchange and interaction between different parties with the participation of the following specialty teams. All in all, the cost for the event came to approximately NT$ 6.15 million.

TAIPEI 101 President and winners of the 2017 International Run-Up event
  • Note 1: International envoys in Taiwan include the Embassy of Belize, Embassy of the Republic of China in the Kingdom of Eswatini, Thailand Trade and Economic Office, British Office Taipei, the Trade Council of Denmark and so forth.
  • Note 2: Participating tenants include representatives from JLL, Macau Economic and Cultural Office, ING Bank, Dintaifung, Cerruti 1881, RADO and so forth.

In an effort to promote exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, TAIPEI 101 has inked an accord in March 2017 with Kintetsu Real Estate Co., Ltd (a subsidiary under Kintetsu Group Holdings) and held the “Highest Friendship – TAIPEI 101 Photography Exhibition” at ABENO HARUKAS between March 9 and April 4 2017 to display a total of 30 photography works. To reciprocate, the “ABENO HARUKAS Promotional Exhibition” was held on 5F and 89F observatory at TAIPEI 101 between March 30 and April 28 2017.

Responding to the Calls from EPA – Eco-friendly Rituals for Festive Celebrations

TAIPEI 101 has been an advocate for environmental protection and we have responded to the initiatives for environmental education launched by EPA by encouraging the general public to opt for more environmentally friendly approach for folk custom rituals. Not only that, TAIPEI 101 has refrained from purchasing incenses and joss paper for ourselves or our tenants on major festive occasions such as the Ghost Festival. In addition, we also encourage our tenants refrain from polluting the environment by burning significant quantities of joss paper and opt for other eco-friendly alternatives as a way to improve environmental quality and promote better health. On top of that, we have commissioned the Institute of Environment and Resources to organize the “Environmental Education & Eco-Friendly Ritual Course for Business Units”; apart from our employees, we have also promoted the course to our tenants. Participants in the course would receive two hours of environmental education training, which covers introduction and practice of environmental education and practical implementations of environmental education in day-to-day life using eco-friendly rituals as an example. We had approximately 50 participants in the training.


It was the first instance of SMART TREND ever held by TAIPEI 101 and the general public was given free access to the exhibition area and the forum; admission was complimentary. For the event, we invited 12 iconic international corporations and academic institutions to present the latest technological trends and collaborated with major domestic/foreign academic institutions and associations by announcing the event on their respective official websites to further expand our influence and reach. These institutions include Taiwan Architecture & Building Center, Taiwan Intelligent Building Association, Taiwan Smart City Association, Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI) and so forth.

U.S. Green Building Council
Displayed green building LEED Dynamic Plaque – ARC, which is capable of assessing the green performance scores for water, electricity and wastes for a building in real-time
Siemens AG
With the latest digital technologies, Siemens has created a blueprint for smart management for the future, with scope of management covering buildings, energy management and smart factory management to help customers adopt Industry 4.0
Royal Dutch Philips Electronics Ltd.
Philips Hue incorporates Wi-Fi connectivity with LED and intuitive controls to change the ways we experience lighting and illumination
Smart elevators that can engage in active learning to monitor passenger flow and respond to sudden surges in visitors and actively dispatch elevator cars
“The 5-in-1 Super Intelligent Washroom” of the future has demonstrated a new trend that cloud property management could utilize to increase customer satisfaction
Taipei National University of the Arts
Smart technology integrated with artistic creations to deliver works of interactive technologies and non-human theatre performance with new media
Chung Yuan Christian University
Developed intelligent unmanned vehicle and system to carry out various difficult missions in the air or ocean
Leopard Mobile
Displayed the “PhotoGrid” APP for photo collage and editing to illustrate how mobile IoT could shape future trends
Faraday Motor
Revealed the company’s exclusive patented technology for electric vehicles – Advanced Multiple Power System (AMPS)
Hex Safety Inc.
By using a dynamic guidance system to achieve smart emergency evacuation, we will be able to minimize the casualties in fire hazards
Full Enterprise Corp.
Utilized IoT to create smart nursing environment and automated controls to establish secured environment for senior care in home settings
XING Mobility
Showcased "Miss E" – the first advanced electric race car that is designed, developed and manufactured in Taiwan

The Encounter between Climate and Painting

TAIPEI 101 sponsored the “An Appointment with Green: The Encounter between Climate and Painting Competition” organized by the Taiwan Institute for Sustainable Energy. The event was created based on the concept of promoting paintings on climate change by elementary and junior high school students in the format of an annual painting competition on the themes of art and environment. By engaging participants to illustrate their awareness and concern for environmental protection, the event is intended to educate more students on the importance of climate changes.


2017 Climate Change Painting Exhibition

Official Exchanges
Assisting in International Promotion

TAIPEI 101 is the representative of the government’s international publicity. This is also why TAIPEI 101 has frequently played a role in Taiwan’s diplomatic affairs, including the receiving of international dignitaries and the promotion of Taiwan’s beauty and local culture. At the same time, in order to make foreign dignitaries and visitors feel right at home, we have been constantly working on the improvement of TAIPEI 101's international services. In 2017, TAIPEI 101 contributed as a supporter of the Summer Universiade and received approximately 2,700 guests from the event for guided tours.

Support for Taiwan’s Tourism Promotion Policy

The Department of Tourism and Information has planned several tours of Taipei City for diplomatic missions in Taiwan to learn about the city in greater depth in an effort to facilitate inter-city tourism and resident exchange. With a solid grasp on the marketing strategies that the Tourism Bureau and the Department of Tourism and Information have developed to promote international tourism, TAIPEI 101 has been actively collaborating with other nations to provide better services to international tourists. In addition, we have also organized the TAIPEI 101 International Photography Contest.

Collaboration with the Department of Environmental Protection for the Installation of PM2.5 Detectors

Taipei City operated only 15 PM2.5 detection stations, which were mostly set up at locations such as schools, public buildings and roadside, with heights no higher than 12-15 meters off ground level. In an effort to strengthen the monitoring of air pollution in Taipei City, TAIPEI 101 collaborated with Taipei City Government’s Department of Environmental Protection in order to take advantage of TAIPEI 101's physical height by installing PM2.5 detectors on 6F, 50F and 90F in order to better capture the distribution and concentration of PM2.5 from a vertical cross-section perspective. The installation of these detectors has improved upon Taipei City’s existing air pollution monitoring system by capturing data that would serve as important references in the establishment of air pollution improvement policies and measures and ultimately improve the quality of the living environment for the general populace.

Academic Exchange and Collaboration
TAIPEI 101 Green Building APP

TAIPEI 101 participated in the Innovative Entrepreneurship Platform operated by NCCU and commissioned the NCCU Innovation Team to develop the “TAIPEI 101 Green Building” environmental protection tour APP. Apart from incorporating elements of Chinese culture, the APP also offers language options for 8 languages. The academic-cooperation brought new breakthrough in TAIPEI 101’s innovative technologies for tourism, with more than 1,000 instances of usage in 2017.

TAIPEI 101 and NCCU International MBA to Collaborate and Create an International Think Tank

TAIPEI 101 has benefitted from the government’s new southbound policy with steady growth in the number of observatory visitors from Southeast Asian countries over the years. As of the end of September 2017, the figure has grown by an impressive 70% compared to the same period in the previous year. In an effort to better understand the needs and characteristics of visitors from Southeast Asia, TAIPEI 101 has collaborated with NCCU’s IMBA program by offering a number of internship opportunities for international students at TAIPEI 101 while organizing relevant short-term courses for TAIPEI 101 employees. This collaboration not only brought more knowledge on local cultures and customs for our employees through the academic exchange but also enabled our employees to better understand the characteristics of target visitors and the latest trends in tourism.

W.island Project

In 2017, TAIPEI 101 sponsored the “Youth in Company: Wandering Home” event, which was jointly organized by World Citizen Cultural Association and Ministry of Culture. Through the event, TAIPEI 101 sponsored teams of high school students to travel to rural townships and engage in community exchanges and develop creative projects that incorporate specific characteristics of the township. Through this project, TAIPEI 101 hopes to find new definitions for all townships across Taiwan and become the bridge for all townships to reach out to the international community.

TAIPEI 101 to “Light Up Taiwan” together with the Department of Information and Tourism

For the 2018 TAIPEI 101 New Year Fireworks, TAIPEI 101 collaborated with the Bureau of Foreign Trade and the event was jointly sponsored by 10 private enterprises with the theme of “Light Up Taiwan”. It is worth mentioning that the Near Year show was a purely domestic production – the project was headed by Giant Show (a company that has worked with TAIPEI 101 on several occasions in the past) with the expertise of renowned Taiwanese lighting designer Chuang Fu-Min to feature the combination of fireworks and lighting show. The music that accompanied the fireworks was produced once again by GCA Entertainment and performed by Taipei Symphony Orchestra. The event aptly utilized and demonstrated the talents and creativity that Taiwan has. As a response to the government's new southbound policy, the Department of Information and Tourism had utilized the outer wall on the north side of TAIPEI 101 to display the greeting of "Welcome to Taiwan" in six different languages (Malay, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, English and Chinese) with laser projection as a way to greet visitors from different countries starting from 6PM on December 31, It shows a gesture of Taiwan’s warm hospitality.

2018 Happy Together

Instead of the show pattern that focused primarily on the fireworks, TAIPEI 101 installed an LED wall of lights, also known as T-Pad in December 2017 on the outer wall at the north side of the office tower. The T-Pad is made up of 133,056 LED lamps in 25*25 cm2 density to create a huge LED screen that covers an area of 8,467m2. The letter “T” stands for “Time”, “Taipei” and “Taiwan” and the birth of the T-Pad not only serves as a display for time for year-end countdown and time for New Year countdown for the general public, it also carries multiple meanings as “Time for Taipei” and “Time for 2018”. TAIPEI 101 has also reached out to more creative teams to take part in the event, including: internationally renowned lighting designer Uno Lai, who is currently the creative consultant of The General Association of Chinese Culture and was involved in the image design for the opening of the 2017 Taipei Summer Universiade and Agi Chen, a young artist who was involved in the projection mapping display for the National Day celebration to be the visual director.

■ The huge LED screen – T-Pad was utilized in the first combined display of images and fireworks and the show featuring T-Pad was moved ahead to began in early December to extend the promotional effects of the event.

■ In an effort to promote environmental protection, compared to the 30,000 fireworks ignited last year, we have reduced the quantity by almost half in 2017 to 16,000.

■ In conjunction with the Happy Together Facebook event, TAIPEI 101 became the tallest wishing tree in Taiwan and carried the blessings and wishes from more than 260,000 members of the general public.

■ The New Year Show featured extensive use of Taiwanese elements with traditional window grills as the basis of design, along with the projection of highlights of 2017, including the gold medals won at the Summer Universiade and the successful launch of FORMOSAT-5 and so forth. With regards to the music, it was our first time to adopt popular music by featuring songs performed by noted singer A-mei and new pop music sensation Anna to present the culture and creativity of Taiwan through the New Year Show.


2.2 Local Brand Promotion

2.2.1 Promoting Social Enterprises

Material topic: Developing Values and Brand of Taiwan

As the iconic landmark of Taiwan, TAIPEI 101 has set high standards for ourselves to become the world’s highest platform for charity so that we can help outstanding local brands of social enterprises that devote themselves to charity to shine on the international stage.

By working hand in hand with our tenants, we are committed to presenting these wonderful local products from Taiwan to more consumers. In order to promote social enterprises, we have followed the promotional process and organized relevant events to keep the momentum going.

 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 11

Awareness – Promote the concept of social enterprise
Support for the World Fairtrade Day

For three consecutive years, TAIPEI 101 has raised the banner of fair-trade city in the perimeter of the building for a week as a way to express our gung-ho spirit with social enterprises and by demonstrating the height and depth that are expected of the iconic landmark of Taiwan as we progress towards sustainable operation. On World Fairtrade Day in 2017, TAIPEI 101 played the role of a sponsor for the Fairtrade Day Event organized by Taipei City Government, Department of Economic Development to support the consumption for fair-trade. Participating social enterprises include Dr. Bronner's, Man Fair social enterprise, Milk House, Homeward publishing, iGoods and so forth. The event not only enables TAIPEI 101 to achieve UN’s SDGs but also served as an opportunity to make the lives of disadvantaged minority in the world better.

TAIPEI 101 Love ・ Fair Charity Event

This year, TAIPEI 101 has once again worked with KPMG in Taiwan in the organization of the 5th "Love・Fair" charity event. We invited 12 sheltered workshops, social enterprises1 and a welfare organization to set up their booths. At the same time, specialty food and handicrafts, such as handmade cookies, jams, even novelty stationeries and office supplies made by participating booths. In the end, the event raised a total of over NT$ 270,000. We hope that future “Love・Fair” events would snowball like good will and attract more social enterprises to take part so that we could create more hope for Taiwan.

Special Events in 2017

Involvement – Offer new procurement choices
Promotion of Social Enterprise Products

NPO Channel Social Enterprise Market

In 2017, TAIPEI 101 offered non-periodic invitations to social enterprise brand names to offer their products for sale on 59F of the office tower and invited tenants from the office tower and shopping mall to take part in the event. Through the accumulation of these actions, we will make the concept of social enterprise known to more people in order to let the philosophy of gungho take root and facilitate positive cycles in the society.

Collaboration – Become business partners

Our passion for social enterprise is not limited to short-term activities. In fact, we are looking forward to becoming business partners with social enterprises. As such, we have signed a MOU with our tenants to adopt fair trade agricultural products from local social enterprises. Our tenants Diamond Tony’s 101 Authentic Italian Cuisine and Shinyeh 101 on 85F have both adopted fair trade products and attempted to redesign their menus with food and ingredients from local social enterprises to offer healthy set meals prepared, with social enterprise agricultural products.

Official launch of TAIPEI 101’s “101-Cloud”

Straying from our usual approach to management, TAIPEI 101 has invested NT$ 3 million in the creation of “101-Cloud” concept office space. Located on 35F of the office tower and occupying approximately 28 ping of floor area with 22 seats, the initiative requires relatively lower threshold in terms of lease for new start-up businesses and we have planned to provide relevant services for incubation in the future so that new start-ups will be able to receive the support they need at the teething stage of their business with lower capital requirements. Once the start-ups succeed in their entrepreneurship, TAIPEI 101 will launch its lease rebate program, which will involve a series of services and plans to create the highest site for start-ups as we become the best supporter for new start-ups in their initial stage of operation. TAIPEI 101 organizes its “Appointment with Tenants” on a regular basis to provide opportunities for new social enterprise entrepreneurs to directly interact with renowned international companies and government agencies; not only that, our collaborating partners also hold non-periodic talks to provide participants with the knowledge they would need for the initial stage of their entrepreneurship.

Special Events in 2017
The World’s Highest Platform of Charity

TAIPEI 101’s management has endeavored to expanding the definition of “green” to include “inclusiveness” and “growth” while officially establishing “The World’s Highest Charity Platform” in 2016. By doing so, TAIPEI 101 will not merely be a green building but become a platform that contributes more to the society on the whole with proactive values! We hope that TAIPEI 101 could become a charity platform that disadvantaged minorities and charity/welfare organizations can participate in and benefit from. In addition to pooling collective power and warmth from our 12,000 tenants, shopping mall and observatory consumers and other involved entities through proactive through proactive matchmaking strategies with clearly-defined objectives, we have also created a resource matchmaking platform website to connect all organizations with needs for specific resources and enterprises that have the capacity to deliver resources. By matching the supplies to the demands, the platform helps all parties involved to cherish various resources available through the pooling of charitable resources so that we can re-cycle and re-use available resources infinitely.

TAIPEI 101 – the highest platform for charity

The resources that TAIPEI 101 donated through various charity platform in 2017 include:
· 2 conference room tables
· 4 large cabinets
· 3 pieces of sofa
· 60 walkie-talkies and chargers
· 1 unit of color printer and photographs
Telling tales of hope with 1,200 second-hand books

In January 2017, TAIPEI 101 chairman Te-yu Chou led the company’s top ranking supervisors on a visit to Guang Hwa Primary School and Kui-Hui Elementary School in Fuxing District of Taoyuan City so that they could not only read to the students but also spend quality time with them playing with various toys. As a present, we also gave each and every student a stationery set (the bestselling product at TAIPEI 101 observatory) so that those students who would rarely have the opportunity to visit Taipei may get to learn more about TAIPEI 101. In May, Principal Sung Mei-Li of Guanghua Elementary School led a group of teachers and students to Taipei in order to present their handcrafted wooden sculpture and a colored painting of “TAIPEI 101 in Our Hearts” as a gift to TAIPEI 101 and all our tenants. We at TAIPEI 101 were glad to welcome the students and invited them to the observatory to enjoy the view of Taipei City in her entirety in the hopes of leaving them with a memorable impression of TAIPEI 101. Not only that, we also displayed the painting by the students at Gallery101 in July as a way of expressing our gratitude to the students.

Donating Good Shoes‧ with Hope[TAIPEI 101’s Life-Saving Project with Old Shoes]

In Africa, especially countries including Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, a parasitic insect known as “Jigger” is notorious for entering the body of its host through the victim’s skin (usually at the feet), thereby causing tungiasis. The inflammatory skin disease has claimed the lives of many children. “Saving lives with old shoes” begins with used shoes; even a pair of your unwanted old shoes can help the people of Africa by protecting them from the deadly jiggers. As the continuation of our “Sending Love to Africa” event in November 2017, we have extended our philosophy of “charity without boundaries” by donating old shoes to help the local children. This enables us to put the concept of cyclic economy into practice by delivering each pair of shoes to their new owner in Africa so that the love from TAIPEI 101 spreads to every corner of the world. Within just a week, we managed to collect 800 pairs of shoes with the contribution of all tenants.

2.2.2 Promoting Cultural Creativity Business

Material Issue: Cultural Creativity and Charity Promotion

In terms of developing the value and brand of Taiwan, we have also been actively promoting Taiwan’s cultural creativity business as we hope that through TAIPEI 101’s international exposure and influence, we will be able to promote Taiwan’s cultural creative industries to the global stage.

An International Stage for Cultural Creativity

In order to help more tourists and visitors get to know Taiwan's cultural creative industry and cultures, TAIPEI 101 has created Gallery 101 and the "New Space for Culture & Creativity" at the office tower and shopping mall respectively as venues for Taiwanese artists to communicate with the international audience.

TAIPEI 101 Office Tower - Gallery 101

Given that the throughput volume at TAIPEI 101 exceeds 20,000 per year, we enjoy significant exposure and as a passionate supporter of cultural creative business promotion, TAIPEI 101 converted the space on 1F of the office tower into Gallery 101 in an effort to add a dash of cultural and artistic atmosphere to the building while showcasing the beauty of Taiwanese art work to the tenants and foreign visitors alike.

Benefits of Gallery 101 for different parties

TAIPEI 101 – Space of Culture and Creativity

The “New Space for Culture & Creativity” situated adjacent to the observatory ticket vending booth on 5F occupies more than 200 ping in area. The products showcased here emphasize their connection with the Chinese culture and embody the meaning of cultural heritage. These offerings are from 10 major brand names in cultural creativity, including Franz Collection Inc., Liuligongfang, Acera, Lin’s Ceramic Studio, Fushankodo and Small Town Stories. Given that TAIPEI 101 Mall receives more than 10 million visitors per year, the “New Space for Culture and Creativity” will help introduce the beautiful traditions and qualities of Taiwan and the potential and spirit of innovative design to the general public and foreign visitors alike.

TAIPEI 101 International Photography Competition

TAIPEI 101 has held 11 iterations of its photography contest and our intention was to inspire participating photographers to use different landscape and objects to present the beauty of different corners of Taiwan in addition to the architecture itself so that more of Taiwan’s special characteristics can be portrayed through their works. This year, “The Beauty of Water Banks in Taiwan” was chosen as the theme of the contest to combine relevant scenes for “Water Banks of Taiwan” and natural urban landscapes. There were a total of 63 award-winning entries and they were displayed at Gallery101.

GRI 203-2

(Significant indirect economic impacts)

 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 8
Public Art at the TAIPEI 101

One can easily catch a glimpse of art in the perimeters of TAIPEI 101. The works of public art we have established include “Infinite Life”, “Light-up TAIPEI 101” illumination project and the automatic piano player in the office tower.

Art Exhibit – Infinite Life

The strong and durable cable is the greatest contributor that enables the express elevator at TAIPEI 101 to ascend at an incredible speed of 1,010 meters per minute. In order to meet the highest standards of safety requirements, the steel cables have been fully replaced in accordance with specific schedules despite the limited wear and tear on them. In an effort to reduce waste, TAIPEI 101 has collaborated with Kang Mu-Xiang, the local master wood sculptor who is renowned for his works with driftwood, to create the world’s first piece of artwork made with elevator cables in this concerted effort of creativity. This piece of elevator cable artwork is none other than the “Infinite Life” that has been erected in front of the Xinyi Entrance of TAIPEI 101 and it has now become the “must-see” art piece for all visitors at TAIPEI 101. Crafted with steel cables that have transported 6.6 million visitors around the world, in the world's fastest elevator, this ingenious art work overcomes the daunting challenge of turning rigid steel into a malleable piece of eco-friendly art that is extremely rich in vitality.

Light-up the TAIPEI 101

Even before the completion of TAIPEI 101, we adopted Xinyi Square No. 21 (later renamed to Water Dance Square), which is located to the north of the construction site. We set up two pieces of public art (Dragon Feature – the Finale Show and Between Earth and Sky) in the square and it was a popular location for visitors to play with water during summers. However, the spacious square would often be empty during winters and night time. In light of this, the TAIPEI 101 initiated its “Light-up TAIPEI 101” illumination project. The multi-million project involved the replacement of roadside lamps and was the first large public art exhibition to have its exclusive lighting design. The initiative was intended to make the surrounding areas of TAIPEI 101 more appealing to the general public. We collaborated with a total of 10 brands (tenants of our office tower and shopping mall) for the project and successfully turned TAIPEI 101 into a window of fashion, art and design.

Piano Player in the Office Tower

In order to create a romantic and pleasant atmosphere with music in the lobby of the Office Tower, TAIPEI 101 has set up a YAMAHA Disklavier (Piano Player) and invited emerging local musicians to perform between 12:15-13:00 on Monday of the 3rd week of each month in an effort to entertain employees of tenants at the office tower while alleviating their stress at work.

Cultural Creativity Related Expenses

2.3 Glocalization Experience

2.3.1 New Tourism Experience

Material Issue: Corporate Image

In order to deliver quality services that will make our international visitors feel right at home, we have been upgrading our shopping experience for foreign visitors on the whole. Through services such as tax-refund for large amounts, launch of our international VIP card and prestigious international VIP services, we are committed to bringing the most convenient and speedy shopping services to all international visitors at TAIPEI 101.

Infinity Sky Area

TAIPEI 101 completed its renovation project to remove enclosure (at knee height) to be replaced by large French windows for a true 360-degree view. Not only that, the northeast corner of the observatory also featured a special “Infinity Sky” area – the W-shaped corner had both the ceiling and floor built using glass panes. The reflections create an illusion of infinite space and visitors in the area would feel as if they were walking on the sky. The “Infinity Sky” has undoubtedly left a lasting impression of TAIPEI 101 on the visitors.

The Fastest Observatory Elevator

The observatory at TAIPEI 101 is equipped with a pair of the world's fastest express elevators that are capable of ascending at a speed of 1,010 meters per minute. It only requires 37 seconds for the elevator to reach the observatory at 89F from 5F. Even if you were taking the elevator from B1, it would still take just 39 seconds to get to the observatory. These two high-speed, smart elevators also happen to be equipped with technologies such as a pressure-regulating system in the shuttles, damper and high-temperature resistant ceramic braking system and so forth. Complete with an impressive collection of high-technology, the express elevators deservedly earned the praise as "one of 12 elevators you need to see to believe" from CNN.

Tax Refund for Large Amounts

As an effort to create more tourism value for Taiwan, TAIPEI 101 has become a designated location to provide tax refund for large amounts. Small amount tax refund was already available at TAIPEI 101 and now that TAIPEI 101 has become the designated commercial proprietor for the service, we would also be able to process applications for large amount tax refund (i.e. transactions exceeding NT$ 24,000) on premise in addition to small amount tax refund. At the same time, TAIPEI 101 launched its electronic tax refund service, which features an electronic queue calling system at the service counter so that customers can enjoy more versatility with their arrangement of waiting time. Not only that, we have also incorporated an electronic signature board and a receipt barcode scanner along with virtual storage space. These new features not only help shorten the tax refund processing time but also improve the accuracy of data input and cuts down the storage space for printed receipt and paper use. In 2017, we saved approximately 150,000 sheets of A4 photocopy paper and the average processing time for a tax refund application for a customer fell between 4~5 minutes. The expedited process has dramatically reduced the overall waiting time for all customers.

International Prestigious Service

In light of the tight itineraries that have become more and more popular with business travelers from Europe/US and independent visitors from Asia, TAIPEI 101 has launched its special fast access service to help visitors save time on queuing by offering them the privilege of priority access to the observatory.
Incidentally, other members of the WFGT, such as the Empire States Building in New York and Burj Khalifa in Dubai have adopted priority access value-added services in response to the latest market trends. Hopefully, through the service, TAIPEI 101 will offer more flexibility for visiting tourists in their itinerary planning as we improve upon our exquisite services for high-end tourists.

GRI 203-2

(Significant indirect economic impacts)

 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 8

2.3.2 Smart Service Experience

Material Issue: Smart Service Experience

In response to the impact of digitization on the global tourism industry as a whole and the increasing number of tourists who own and use smart devices, we have integrated smart technologies with shopping so that customers may enjoy more convenient and exciting services. At the beginning of each year, the Mall Management BU would establish the annual target and plan for smart technology shopping. The target and plan would be approved by the President before relevant activities are carried out later in the year. At the end of the year, status of accomplishment for specific targets will be reviewed during the CSR Conference.

Smart Technology Shopping
Mobile Payment

With the rapid development of mobile and electronic payment services, TAIPEI 101 has also made active deployment to support relevant payment services by initiating CTBC Direct Pay, WeChat Pay, Jkos Pay, Alipay, Line Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay and so forth to usher in a new era of diverse retail transactions. In the future, we will seek to collaborate with other service payment providers for services often used by foreign visitors in order to provide internationalized services when it comes to mobile payment.

WOW 101 – Window of the World

“WOW 101” is located at the partition between 1F and B1 in the shopping mall near the escalators and it is currently the largest interactive indoor, high-resolution LED panel in domestic shopping malls. The digital panel is equipped with motion-sensing controls and radar detection device to provide the latest 3D augmented reality (AR) interactive experience and human body detection feature to locate the exact position of visitors to enable various activities such as interactive gaming, direct image playback, multi-screen playback and so forth. In the future, AR interactive technologies will be made available to retailers for new product launch applications to achieve the unlimited possibilities for mobile smart applications.

 Corresponding SDGs: SDG 9

Queue-Calling Service for Gift and Tax Refund

We have set up a tax refund service counter on B1 of the shopping mall in order to help foreign customers with tax refund services. To prevent customers from waiting too long in the line, we have incorporated a digital queue calling service that enables customers to draw their queue number and continue shopping or enjoy a meal at the food court instead of waiting in the line. By simply scanning the QR Code, customers will be able to find out the current number being served and determine their waiting time while enjoying the most out of their delightful shopping experience.


In order to provide a brand new physical distribution channel service, TAIPEI 101 Mall has incorporated the Beacon technology. The Beacon technology can send various instant messages (i.e. brand promotion, discounts, exclusive product information and so forth) through the APP to keep the customers updated on the latest product information at the shopping mall and in turn create more revenues for tenants.

Smart Parking Service

In order to offer smart parking services, we have added several systems such as the license plate recognition system, parking space detection system and vehicle search system to our parking space on top of improving the resolution for the CCTV cameras and improving the speed of CCTV system toggling. When a customer drives into the parking lot, the license plate recognition system is capable of recording the license plate number in 2 seconds to increase the speed of vehicle entrance. The parking space detection system helps us to keep track of the remaining number of empty lots in the car park and guide customers to vacant lots quickly. When customers wish to retrieve their vehicles, they could go to any of the “Vehicle Search System” equipment installed in the parking lot to locate and obtain directions to their vehicles. The system has not only made the task of car locating easier but it also helps to increase parking lot turnover, which will in turn reduce carbon emission from vehicles in search for parking spaces.

Panorama View of the Shopping Mall

The Shopping Mall has added the new feature of “panorama view” on its official website. The feature enables customers to enjoy the decoration and displays of boutique shops from 1F to 5F as if they were physically present in the shopping mall.

Link to the panorama view of TAIPEI 101 Mall:

e-Member Services

We have incorporated the ideas of sustainable environment in our shopping center by launching green services so that we may change customers’ consumption behavior and thereby work together to achieve the sustainable vision of harmonious co-existence with the environment. And as such, we have launched the dedicated application “TAIPEI 101 MALL” specifically for our shopping mall. Through the APP, users will be able to access online product catalogs, counter layout, e-coupons, souvenir number-calling and even restaurant reservation features so that we could serve our customers in a smarter and more eco-friendly way.

Key Features of the TAIPEI 101 MALL APP

You can use the APP to access the latest information and embark on a journey of smart, convenient shopping.

With the APP, you will be able to quickly access various membership functions and enjoy our excellent service quality.

Built with smart parking functionality, you will be able to check the number of available lots, calculate parking fees and locate your vehicle using the APP.


Reduction of Physical Promotional Materials

In 2017, we have continued to utilize multiple digital media to increase our channels of promotion to amplify the effects of digital communication and facilitate interaction with relevant online communities, thereby enhancing the effects of our communications.