Harmonious Interaction for All

Each and every day, TAIPEI 101 functions as a platform for harmonious multi-party interaction while assuming different roles such as an office space, a shopping mall, a tourist attraction, a buyer, an initiator of charity events and so forth. With the joint efforts from employees, suppliers and contractors, we are able to provide an elegant and comfortable space along with professional and considerate services for tenants and customers so that tenants can strategize their business plans at the office tower and shopping mall while customers enjoy their tourism and shopping experience at the observatory or shopping mall. At the same time, being the iconic landmark of Taiwan, TAIPEI 101 has always been a focal point of attention for the media, the government and our shareholders as we interact and collaborate from time to time. Not only that, we have continued to take actions to care for and to help out different disadvantaged minorities by serving as a reliable support for social enterprises, welfare organizations and the disadvantaged demographics. By utilizing our influence, we strive to inspire more enterprises to follow suit so that we can create more positive values for the society. On top of being a role model, TAIPEI 101 has also utilized its influence through supply chain management and social participation in order to shape and promote green lifestyles.

This chapter will focus on the disclosure of the services that we offer and the workplace and community that we strive to provide for our supply chain, business partners, employees, tenants and customers. Material issues covered herein include: value chain management, caring workplace, employee compensation and benefits, product and service quality and transparent communication, ustomer relationship management, and cultural creativity and charity promotion.

5.1 Sustainable Value Chain


TAIPEI 101 is committed to providing services of the highest quality and environments of the utmost comfort to our tenants and customers. In addition to relying on the building's planning and features, we also depend on high quality upstream and outsourced vendors/ suppliers for their assistance in order to deliver services and facilities that are satisfactory to our downstream tenants and consumers. We strive to create and maintain a sustainable value chain through auditing and managing relevant suppliers and outsourced vendors with stringent standards.

5.1.1 Value Chain Management

The upstream of the TAIPEI 101's value chain includes many outsourced vendors, such as the security industry, cleaning service industry, waste transportation industry, environmental hygiene and pollution prevention industry, horticulture industry and parking management industry and so forth. We have been working hand in hand with our value chain to provide a clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing office tower and shopping mall for our tenants and customers. This section will cover our management policies and evaluation guidelines for suppliers and outsourced vendors. No significant changes had taken place in our supply chain in 2016.

TAIPEI 101 Value Chain

In order to ensure effective procurement, should the amount of annual procurement exceed the company's established threshold or in the event of substantial demand for specific procurement items, we would adopt a centralized purchasing and most of the purchased items were related to construction repair, maintenance, cleaning and security.

In an effort to assist development of local economies, we have always prioritized local suppliers and outsourced vendors. For 2016, the total amount of local procurement TAIPEI 101 has made came to NT$ NT$549,770,356 (including tax) out of the annual total procurement of NT$1,291,451,513 (including tax), equivalent to 42.5% of the total procurement.

  • G4-EC9 (Proportion of spending on local suppliers)

  • G4-12 (Describe the organization's supply chain)
  • G4-13 (Significant changes regarding the supply chain)

5.1.2 Suppliers

Ever since our initiation, we have always perceived suppliers and outsourced vendors to be our most important collaboration partners. Guided by our management philosophy that emphasizes sustainable development, the TAIPEI 101 has therefore continued to improve upon its supply chain management and sustainable procurement guidelines by incorporating a "Supplier Code of Conduct" and a Supplier Commitment into our "Supplier Social Responsibility Guidelines." On top of that, we have also established our "Supplier Evaluation Management Procedure," which has been subject to revisions with newly added terms and clauses on social responsibilities so that we can achieve greater degree of control and management of risks in the supply chain that may happen in the environment, society and governance. In 2016, we initiated our supplier evaluation operations in the hopes of communicating and interacting with our suppliers at greater depths. In addition to incorporating relevant standards of supplier evaluation into our "Supplier Management Procedure," we have also constructed a platform for supplier evaluation. Our suppliers are subjected to annual evaluations based on the criteria laid out in the "Supplier Management Procedure," with aspects covering their service, delivery, construction/operating quality, maintenance and so forth. Based on the results of their evaluation, suppliers are separated into different grades (i.e., A+, A, B, C and so forth) and their results would be registered on our supplier evaluation platform. The purchasing unit shall prioritize A+ suppliers for price negotiations, while C suppliers will be registered in our database and excluded from future dealings with TAIPEI 101.

In 2016, a total of 158 suppliers took part in the evaluation and they accounted for 66% of TAIPEI 101's annual purchasing budget. The evaluation identified 1 A+ supplier, 155 A suppliers, 2 B suppliers and no suppliers scored lower than a C. Through the evaluation system, TAIPEI 101 hopes to make the process of supply chain collaboration transparent while further consolidating our supply chain management. As we encourage suppliers to maintain product and service quality, we also look forward to working with our suppliers on ESG (environment, society and governance) performance in the near future so that we may create a sustainable future.

We have completed our supplier evaluation platform that separates our suppliers into different classes so that we can choose those with outstanding performance in their evaluations.
  • Supplier Evaluation System Grade Classification:
    A+: 95 points or higher
    A: 81-94 points
  • B: 60-80 points, will be included into a watch list. Specific reason must be provided for suppliers on the watch list to be considered for collaboration
  • C: below 59 points – will not be considered as aneligible candidate

Supplier Related Regulations and Measures
  • G4-EN32 (New suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria)
  • G4-HR10 (New suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria)
  • G4-LA14 (New suppliers that were screened using labor practices criteria)
  • G4-HR5 (Abolition of child labor)
  • G4-HR6 (Reducing any form of forced or compulsory labor by new suppliers)
  • G4-SO9 ( Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using criteria for impacts on society)

5.1.3 Outsourced Vendors


We have adopted similar aspects for the management of outsourced vendors – solicited publicly through tendering. In addition to basic criteria such as company scale and technical capabilities, ISO 9001 international quality certification is also one of our \appraisal criteria. On top of that, we also require our outsourcing vendors to comply with regulations pertainng to environment, human rights, labor, health and safety while strictly prohibiting any outsourced vendors from employing child labor, illegal foreign workers or engage in acts of labor discrimination and so forth to reduce the risks that might be inflicted on the outsourced vendors themselves and TAIPEI 101.

  • Vendor Outsourcing Status

In 2016, all of our outsourced vendors have complied with our regulations, with 94.2% of the security personnel, cleaning personnel, mechanical service technicians and parking management personnel for the office tower and shopping mall hired locally; among the 257 outsourced vendor employees, 92.6% are full-time employees. In addition, TAIPEI 101 has hired 8 employees with physical/mental disabilities as a part of the cleaning crew for the office tower and the shopping mall, and they make up approximately 3.1% out of all outsourced vendor employees.

Outsourced Vendor Training

In order for our partners to grow side-by-side with us and achieve the goals of sustainable development, we request that outsourced vendors be obliged to enhance their employees' working competency. As such, outsourced vendors shall provide 24 hours of pre-service training for newly hired staff in order for them to understand the working regulations at TAIPEI 101, as well as the key points of the working environment and safety matters. In addition, in accordance with the requirements of the "Labor and Safety and Health Act," outsourced vendors must inform their staff of the risks related to work and the measures that should be taken.

Our outsourced vendor training for 2016 included cleaning, security, parking management, occupational safety, fire prevention and so forth by offering corresponding trainings for staffs of different units in order to deliver the best and consistent service quality for TAIPEI 101's customers and tenants. In 2016, our outsourced vendor employees completed a total of 7,045 hours of training.

Among these trainings, we have placed special emphasis on security training in order to safeguard the physical safety of all tenants. Each month, all security personnel are required to take a test that involves climbing from the 1F to the top floor. In addition, as a reminder for our security personnel to take human rights seriously, they are also required to go through 15 minutes of dissemination on relevant concepts during their daily briefings.

No. of Outsourced Vendor Personnel in 2016
  • G4-10 (Report the total number of employees – outsourced vendor)
  • G4-LA9 (Average hours of training per year per employee by gender and employee category)
  • G4-HR7 (Percentage of security personnel trained in the organization's human rights policies or procedures that are relevant to operations)

Office Tower Outsourced Vendor Training (2,708 hours in total)

Compared to the previous year, the total hours of training completed by our office tower outsourced vendor employees decreased in 2016, primarily due to the low turnover rate for security staff. Consequently, the frequency and hours of training for general occupational safety and health training for new employees had fallen.

  • Total number of training hours per year = No. of trainees x Frequency x No. of training per year

Shopping Mall Outsourced Vendor Training (4,247 hours in total)

We had more hands-on drills for security staff in 2016 and more cleaning personnel on rotation. As required by procedure, they had to go through relevant trainings. As a result, there had been an increase in the number of participants in cleaningrelated trainings, thereby dramatically increasing the total hours of training for outsourced vendor employees at the shopping mall compared with last year.

  • Total number of training hours per year = No. of trainees x Frequency x No. of training per year

Observatory Security Personnel Training (90 hours in total)

The security personnel at the observatory received less training in 2016 compared to 2015, primarily due to the decrease in the number of security personnel at the observatory in 2016, therefore accounting for the decrease in general health and safety training duration.

  • Total number of training hours per year = No. of trainees x Frequency x No. of training per year

5.2 Caring Workplace


Employees are not only the basis of the Company's operations but also the most important asset to TAIPEI 101. As such, it is imperative for us to focus more on employee benefits and create a friendly workplace environment as we strive for corporate sustainable collaboration development. Insisting on being people-oriented, we see each and every employee as our most important family member. As such, we emphasize and protect the rights of employees by offering lucrative benefits and space for career development to cultivate core talents. This not only enabled us to increase employees'satisfaction with their work but also facilitated employee cohesion while reinforcing their recognition of the Company, leading to the creation of a harmonious working environment that allows us to jointly create greater corporate competiveness.

5.2.1 Employment Status

The appointment of staff at TAIPEI 101 is guided by the principle of focusing on talents. At the same time, we prohibit any form of discrimination in our workplace based on race, age, gender or religion. In addition to that, we abide by the current national laws on employee hiring, including the Labor Standards Act, Employment Service Act and Act of Gender Equality in Employment etc., to promote gender equality and ensure that the hiring, appointment, compensation, performance management and career development are governed with fair treatment, and our company also prohibits child labor, forced labor and other violations of human rights. In 2016 we adhered to our spirit of sustainable governance and had no violations of legal regulations.

The Company had a total of 337 full-time employees as of the end of 2016, and all of them were non-fixed term contract employees and native Taiwanese. Our employees'average age came to 36.3, with service seniority at 5.43 years. In terms of their level of education, most employees (84.27%) are university and college graduates; 3.86% are high school graduates; 11.57% have a master's degree and the remaining 0.30% hold a doctorate degree. In 2016, although 56 employees resigned (with a turnover rate of 17%), we hired 68 new employees (with an employment rate of 20%). TAIPEI 101 fully supports the right of employment and autonomy for those with physical/mental disabilities and the aboriginal people. Nevertheless, we received no job applications from the physically/ mentally disabled or aboriginal people in 2016. As of the end of 2016, we still had a total of 3 disabled and 4 aboriginal employees (same as last year). Since we did not meet the legal requirement for the number of aboriginal employees, we have made the required payment to the employment contribution for aboriginal people.

In terms of gender distribution, our male and female employees constituted 42% and 58%, respectively, of the entire staff profile. The percentage of our female employees was slightly higher compared to that of 2015, primarily due to the fact that 68% out of the 68 new employees hired in 2016 were female. We have five Vice Presidents (VP) and higher ranked executives and 60% of them are female. This reflects the fact that the Company values and appreciates female talents.

Gender Distribution for Employees
  • G4-EC6 (Report the percentage of senior management at significant locations of operations that are hired from the local community)

  • G4-HR3 (Report the total number of incidents of discrimination during the reporting period and the status of the incidents and the actions taken)

  • G4-HR5 (Operations and suppliers identified as having significant risk for incidents of child labor, and measures taken to contribute to the effective abolition of child labor)

  • G4-HR6 (Operations and suppliers identified as having significant risk for incidents of forced or compulsory labor, and measures to contribute to the elimination of all forms of forced or compulsory labor)

  • G4-HR8 (Total number of incidents of violations involving rights of indigenous peoples and actions taken)

  • G4-LA12 (Composition of governance bodies and breakdown of employees per employee category according to gender, age group, minority group membership and other indicators of diversity)

  • G4-10 (Report the total numberof employees)

Age Distribution for Employees

Gender Distribution for Executives

Employee Distribution by Level of Education

Employee Average length of service
Employee Average Age

New Employee Distribution by Age and Gender
  • G4-LA1 (Total number and rates of new employee hired and employee turnover by age group, gender and region)

Resigned Employee Distribution by Age and Gender

5.2.2 Employee Compensation and Benefits


TAIPEI 101 offers employees compensation that are above the market average, along with other non-monetary resources including: protection of fundamental human rights, promotion and rotation system, retirement system, back-up services, parental leaves and comprehensive benefit systems as described in the section below.

Employee Compensation

Providing a competitive and sound compensation structure is the key to attracting and retaining talent. Our remuneration standard offers employee wages in accordance with their competence and capabilities at work. Not only that, our wages are higher compared to the legally required minimum as stipulated by pertinent regulations and are adjusted on a yearly basis in accordance with the national average wage (i.e., wages offered by companies within the top 50% percentile in terms of market share) and market competitiveness. The Company's overall remunerations include salary, position allowance, duty allowance, special duty allowance, meal allowance, bonuses and so forth. In 2016, our annual average regular wage was higher than the national average regular wage by 38%.

Guided by the spirit of "equal pay for equal work" for both male and female employees, our standard wage for general employees (regardless of gender) is higher than Taiwan's minimum wage by 38%. In 2016, the ratio of basic salary and remuneration for female to male employees came to 1:1. The average salary for male employees was higher than the national minimum wage by 306%, while the average salary for female employees was higher than the national minimum wage by 250%. Incidentally, the ratio of our female to male employees receiving average wage came to 1:1.3. Due to the fact that most of our female staffs are customer service personnel at the observatory and shopping mall and that basic level customer service personnel receive relatively lower wages, they have therefore lowered the overall average for female employees as a whole.

The ratio of the annual total compensation for the organization's highest-paid individual to the median annual total compensation for all employees (excluding the highest-paid individual) came to 9.85. The ratio of the increase in the annual total compensation for the organization's highest-paid individual to the median increase in annual total compensation for all TAIPEI 101 employees came to -18.97, reflecting that the average increase in salary for TAIPEI 101 employees was higher than that for the highest-paid managers in the Company.

  • G4-LA13 (Ratio of basic salary and remuneration of women to men by employee category and by significant locations of operations)

  • G4-54((Report the ratio of the annual total compensation for the organization's highest–paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median annual total compensation for all employees in the same country)

  • G4-55 (Report the ratio of percentage increase in annual total compensation for the organization's highest-paid individual in each country of significant operations to the median percentage increase in annual total compensation for all employees)

2016 Salary Comparison Table
  • G4-EC5 (Ratio of standard entry level wages by gender compared to local minimum wage at significant locations of operations)

In order to motivate staff morale and enthusiasm, we have established a transparent and fair reward system. For employees who improve the Company's reputation or protect the Company from losses, we reward them by means of position promotion, salary adjustment, performance evaluation, increase of rating, bonus and rewards, which are detailed in the "Working Rules". The Company adopts the core values of S.P.I.R.I.T as the basis for the annual performance evaluation and rates employees' performance in accordance with the criteria on their bonus scorecard, and one of the criteria is on the extent of all employees' practice of corporate social responsibility, such as the achievement in public charity, energy conservation and environmental protection. We perform this evaluation on a yearly basis and rank the employees who perform well by awarding them with bonus so as to motivate them to adhere to our core corporate values in their work. In 2016, six employees received the Core Value Award.

  • G4-LA11 (Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, by gender and by employee category)

Employee Care
Fundamental Human Rights

Pursuant to labor laws, our employees do not work in excess of 8 hours on any given work day. Should special occasions such as anniversary sale, festival sales and so forth that resulted in increased workload and require employees to work overtime, employees may apply for compensatory leave or overtime pay in accordance with the Company's regulations on overtime work. By adhering to the "Employee Code of Conduct", we have striven to safeguard employees' rights and actively improved their working conditions in order to manage our employees with humanitarian care. There were no violations of labor or human rights in 2016.

  • G4-LA4 (Minimum notice periods regarding operational changes, including whether these are specified in collective agreements)

In addition, we have developed the "Employee Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures" to protect female employees from sexual harassment. We have also set up a sexual harassment report hotline and mailbox along with our "Sexual Harassment Complaints Evaluation Committee" to handle relevant cases. No complaints on sexual harassment were filed in 2016.

We fully respect our employees' rights to job employment and their value, and should our operations calls for it, corresponding organizational arrangements could be made, such as changes in department, place of work and duties and so forth. We would inform employees in advance within the stipulated period in accordance with the Labor Standards Act. The adjustments are only carried out after obtaining the consent of the employees involved.

Retirement System

We comply with the pertinent provisions of the Labor Standards Act, where 2% of employees' monthly salary is set aside into a government pension fund reserve account. Starting from 2005 onward, the Company has set aside a Pension Fund equal to 6% of the monthly salary of each employee who has chosen the retirement plan specified in the "Labor Pension Act" to the individual retirement account of the Bureau of Labor Insurance. The accrued pension asset for 2016 came to NT$ 529,000, with the pension total coming to NT$ 13,206,000 and one employee qualified for retirement. TAIPEI 101 has remitted a pension of NT$ 424,050 to the employee. For other details, please refer to relevant sections in the 2016 Annual Report.

  • G4-EC3 (Coverage of the organization's defined benefit plan obligations)

Back-up Service Satisfaction Survey

We value the quality of internal back-up services. An annual satisfaction survey is conducted to collect the views within the Company regarding services provided (i.e. financial, IT, legal and general affairs departments). Results of this survey would serve as the basis for relevant improvements on back-up services in the future. In 2016, our backup services received an overall rating of 98.1% (100% for financial department, 97% for IT, 96% for general affairs and 100% for legal affairs department). In the future, we shall continue to improve upon our services in order to surpass employee expectations.

Promotion and Rotation System

The Company has established a job rotation system, which adopts the exchange model. The Human Resources Department is responsible for coordinating the rotation departments and the qualification assessment. The employees who apply for job rotation must be qualified in annual performance appraisal and their professional competence must be approved by their supervisors in order to ensure their eligibility.

Our internal job rotation helps to strengthen employees' ability in different areas, increase the breadth and depth of their vocational abilities and thus increase their chances of being promoted. In 2016, we had 36 employees on rotation. Should there be a change in our organizational strategies, the system would enable us to make corresponding adjustments to personnel deployment and thereby increasing the Company's productivity and competitiveness, which would enable us to create greater value for TAIPEI 101.

Parental Leave Statistics

In 2016, TAIPEI 101 received the Badge of Accredited Healthy - Workplace from the Health Promotion Ad-ministration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.

Employee Benefits

In addition to the basic benefits in accordance with pertinent regulations, the Company also offers a variety of employee benefits, such as:

  • Cash reward

    Bonus for Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, marriage and bereavement subsidies, dividends, group insurance, employee child care allowance, customer service personnel attire and grooming allowance and 40% special discount on electronic vouchers (valued at NT$ 4,000)

  • Company outing

    To reward employees for working diligently towards achieving high profit target, the Company has arranged for various outings to Japan, Shanghai and Korea.

  • Movie screening
  • Health checkup
  • Free observatory visit
  • Menstrual leave
  • Nursing subsidy
    1. The application must be submitted within a month of school reopening for each semester.
    2. The subsidy for each child per semester is NT$ 5,000 to be paid in full by TAIPEI 101.
    3. Once the application has been approved, the subsidy will be remitted in the form of allowance together with the wage in the following month.
  • Group insurance coverage

    Including life insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance along with medical insurance, accident insurance and cancer insurance for employee spouse and dependents

  • Leaves

    In addition to the leaves stipulated by pertinent regulations, new employees also enjoys two additional days of special leaves (without wage deduction)

  • G4-EC3 ( Return to work and retention rates after parental leave, by gender)

Parental Leave

Based on the Gender Equality Act, employees are offered maternity leave at full pay for an accumulated 8 weeks before and after they give birth. We also offer 3 days of paternity leave at full pay for employees whose spouses have just given birth. In 2016, a total of 51 employees (12 males and 39 females) were eligible for parental leave. 3 female employees (7.7%) applied for the leave and two employees were supposed to return to their post but neither did because they applied to extend their parental leave (without pay).

Healthy Workplace Accreditation

Here at TAIPEI 101, we firmly believe that an ideal workplace environment will not only promote the health of our employees but also enhance our corporate productivity, and as such, we have endeavored to implement various smoking prevention measures at the workplace to create a healthy and secured working environment. In 2016, we took part in the campaign of healthy workplace launched by the Health Promotion Administration and received our Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace (Note 1). In order to be eligible, the applicant must be compliant with the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act and not involved in incidents of major occupational hazard, major labor-management dispute or be the cause of protests by community residents. After being audited by the Department of Health and other promotional centers, the badge would be awarded to the applicant in the hopes of promoting healthy workplace through aspects of dietary consumption, physical fitness, tobacco hazard prevention, occupational injury prevention and so forth so as to improve the standards of living for the general public.

  • Note 1: The Badge of Accredited Healthy Workplace is issued when a company implements tobacco hazard prevention measures that are stricter than the legal requirements as an incentive for companies to promote smokefree environments while launching healthy work place related promotions.

5.2.3 Employee Training and Communication


We value employees' professional competence and leadership skills and have thus designed an educational training program with an emphasis orientated towards the needs of individual employee's job position, career development and the needs of the Company's growth. In addition, we have also established relevant labor-management communication channels.

Employee Training

In such a competitive industry, we are well aware that outstanding talents serve as the most reliable support that enables TAIPEI 101 to achieve sustainable operations. In light of this, in conjunction with the Company's strategic objectives, we have planned relevant series of education and training that will help employees to improve upon their existing vocational competence and work quality. Through our training program, we hope to inspire our staff to challenge greater heights as our strategy to achieve talent nurturing and retention, thus enhancing our corporate competitiveness. As such, we have included our employee official training and development policies and relevant regulations in our employee handbook as a means to enhance our employees' core competence and competitiveness while strengthening their work efficacy and quality. In 2016, a total of 1,664 participants took part in our internal trainings that totaled 5,202 hours, costing a total of NT$2,135,863 for internal training. 321 participants completed a total of 3,459 hours of external training, which cost NT$ 1,025,345. Our annual training expenses for 2016 came to NT$3,161,208, which translated to an increase of 5.5% compared to that of 2015 and it reflects our focus on talent cultivation.

General Employee Training

For general courses intended for normal employees, we have provided general courses, legally required courses and professional training courses that are mostly available for all staff to sign up for and participate. Contents of the trainings include:

Table of Internal and External Training for 2016

  • G4-LA9 (Average hours of training per year per employee by gender, and by employee category)


We designed an educational training program with an emphasis orientated towards the needs of individual employee's job position, career development and the needs of the company's growth in the hopes of enhancing our employees' core competence and competitiveness while strengthening their work efficacy and quality. For managers,we aim to expand their knowledge on management strategies. For this year, while the average training duration for management capacity increased compared to the previous year, the average training duration for potential/proxy had fallen primarily because the internal training course had been cancelled. The average durations of various trainings we have held are compiled in the table below:

  • Average training hours = Total number of hours for the training category/Total number of employees under the category at the end of the year
  • Due to the addition of the quarterly New Employee Workshop in 2015, the number of total training hours for new employees has increased by 2 hours

New Employee Training

New employees are required to participate in the orientation training course to understand the Company's core values, business philosophy, social responsibility, SOPs, labor safety and employee rights so that new employees could gain a quick understanding of the Company's industry characteristics and fit in well, thereby creating value for the company. Training courses are held monthly or quarterly according to the frequency of hiring; all data are updated when necessary to ensure that the training content is in line with the latest state of affairs. In 2016, all new employee trainings were completed. The trainings ran for a total of 5 hours for 94 participants, amounting to a total of 470 hours of training completed.

Management Capacity Training

The supervisor training intended for managers are available to staffs who have demonstrated their potentials. Contents of the training include:

  • G4-LA10 (Programs for skills management and lifelong learning that support the continued employability of employees and assist them in managing career endings)
  • G4-LA11 (Percentage of employees receiving regular performance and career development reviews, by gender and by employee category)

In addition to basic training, the 2016 employee career planning integrated the 101-plus core team training plan from 2015 and proxy cultivation plan with the goal of training and cultivating a proxy in each department. Through hands-on practice, leading internal projects or participating in external trainings/seminars, proxies will be taking part in supervisor trainings and strategic development courses along with their supervisors so as to boost their competence as proxies.

Through on-the-job training (OJT) such as the daily guidance from direct supervisors, assignment of missions, job shadowing and so forth, supplemented with training with in-house trainers, team-building camps and participation in the strategic deployment courses, we would not only be able to achieve the objectives of expanding and diversifying the staff's scope of work to assist their career development but also strengthen our supervisors' capacity to nurture their subordinates.

Customer Service Personnel Training

Being the gateway to Taiwan, TAIPEI 101 receives visitors from all over the world on a daily basis. As such, we have designed professional training and foreign language (English and Japanese) courses for our customer service personnel at the observatory, shopping mall and office tower in order to strengthen their language abilities and in turn improve their communication skills when serving foreign visitors. In addition, due to the increase in the number of Korean visitors, we have also offered two additional Korean language trainings in order to improve our employees' capacity to communicate and serve foreign visitors. The total training duration for foreign languages and costs have increased compared to that of 2015.

Potential/Proxy Training

Starting in 2016, potential talents and proxies shall take part in management capacity training along with their supervisors.

Vocational Ability Training (External Training)

For employees in different business units, we plan and provide appropriate external educational training courses in accordance with the expertise and capacity required of the employees' positions to enhance the employees' functional competitiveness while creating more opportunities of exchange between employees and that of our competitors. A total of 321 employees participated in external training in 2016.

Average No. of External Training Hours Per Employee in 2016

Communication Mechanism

We value the views of our employees and have thus provided different communication and complaint channels (refer to Chapter 1.3.1 on Integrity Management) to promote a positive and harmonious relationship between the management and employees to create a healthier and safer working environment. In addition, we have also established our "Labor Safety Committee" which meets to resolve major labor-management related issues. In 2016, the committee convened four communication meetings to review labor safety case studies and discuss the prevention of relevant problems. Each meeting was attended by approximately 11 employees. On top of that, we also encourage employees to provide creative suggestions for the Company and in return, they would receive cash reward for their valuable input. We have also created the "Appointment with the President" event that is carried out on a quarterly basis along with a suggestion box for employees as ways to encourage employees to make their voices heard and provide suggestions.

Creative ideas from employees in 2016

In 2016, employees from different departments submitted a total of 8 creative proposals to TAIPEI 101. Some employees suggested focusing on the opportunities of catering to Muslim visitors and proposed the organization of a world concert visitor program that would enable members to earn mileage for Emirates Airline or China Airline flyers; the "101 Eye of City" project proposes the establishment of tourist service counters specifically for Muslim visitors and designated rest areas in the shopping mall or office tower for Muslim visitors so that they may rest or pray at various times of the day.

On the other hand, some employees also proposed the installation of display light boxes at the B1 observatory entrance for tourists groups in order to boost the profits from advertising, while others suggested the installation of LED TV wall in the shopping mall where customer density is high to overcome the limitations of one-time output for traditional advertising and that contents be displayed in multiple languages.

Presently, three creative projects submitted by employees in 2015 have already been accepted and are currently under implementation. In the future, we will also assess the feasibility of introducing a new product planning proposal system and encourage employees to be involved and work towards improving the Company further.

5.3 Customer Care


TAIPEI 101 is not only a well-known landmark in Taiwan but is also a symbol of haute couture, making it a prime choice for headquarters of renowned international corporations and flagship stores for designer brands while being one of Taiwan's most popular shopping mall. However, we are not complacent with these achievements and have been diligently improving our service quality. With professional and outstanding performance, we have managed to satisfy different tenants and customers with their diverse needs by eliminating potential concerns they may have in their operations/visits/ shopping experience. In the meantime, we also aim to close the gap between us and our tenants and customers by hosting a variety of events.

5.3.1 Rental Status

The following section will cover the rental status of the office tower and shopping mall along with relevant management policies.

Office Tower Rental Status

Tenants in the TAIPEI 101 Tower and the TAIPEI 101 Mall are by and large brands well known both locally and internationally. In order for major corporations to do businesses while enjoying stable development in Taiwan, we offer a variety of professional and thoughtful services and serve as the most reliable support for our tenants so that we may work hand in hand to achieve prosperity and industrial development. The office tower has a leasable area of 181,545.19m2 and the occupancy rate had already reached 97.0% in 2016.

The initial conception of TAIPEI 101 was to build an "Asia Pacific Financial Center", which burgeoned into a mixed-use development project including Grade A offices, a Shopping Mall and an Observatory. And as such, we are well equipped to provide international class building management and equipment for office tower and shopping mall tenants.

We have set up a Service Center on the 35F that serves as a window for services such as property management, public area cleaning and consultation for other related affairs. Mail Service in B2 provides postal and parcel delivery services for tenants. In addition, we also have a 24-hour repair and emergency hotline service along with an online work order system to ensure that power, air-conditioning, elevator service and environmental safety can be taken care of promptly and efficiently without hampering the building's day-to-day operations.

In addition to our commitment to serve our international corporate tenants, we have also taken into account other important visitors. And as such, we have set up an information desk in the lobby, where professional reception staff greet and receive visitors to make them feel valued and respected.

The office tower is complete with an observatory restaurant, an international conference center along with multi-purpose exhibition sites and various amenities while the shopping mall is equipped with a bright and spacious indoor plaza with a raised ceiling. These venues are available for tenants to receive guests or host relevant events and such a fashionable and elegant environment would no doubt create higher value for our tenants' business events.

Office Tower Tenants by Industry (in percentage)
Shopping Mall Rental Status

The Xinyi District is the prime retail area in Taipei, and has a cluster effect that draws many international fashion brands to set up shops here. TAIPEI 101 Mall, as the Asian-Pacific fashion landmark, boasts of world-class interior space planning and is favored by selective international brands to establish their stores in Taiwan. Exclusive designer brands at TAIPEI 101 include Breguet, Berluti, AP, JGL, IWC, Versus, Blancpain, Hublot, Vacheron Constantin and Stay. As of the end of 2016, there are a total of 187 retail businesses, 1 apparel tailoring service, 1 telecom service, 1 bank, 1 fitness center, 1 car care and detailing service provider and TWSE at the TAIPEI 101 Mall. The shopping mall has a total leasable area of 38,477 m2, with a 97.4% occupancy rate in 2016.

Office Tower Tenants by Nationality and Floor Area

Tenant Management Guidelines

For tenants at the shopping mall, we have established the "Shopping Mall Management Rules" and "Retail Tenant Personnel Education Manual." TAIPEI 101 shall be responsible for the maintenance of cleanliness in the public areas, including the parking lot, staircases and elevators while ensuring the operational safety of the shopping mall. We have also set up a training classroom and counter staff rest room on the 3F of the shopping mall for tenants and their employees to engage in training and rest when needed.

To ensure the safety of tenants and customers at the shopping mall, we ask all tenants to adhere to our "Shopping Mall Management Rules" for operations such as store renovation, business operations and daily power usage management and so forth. Not only that, we also request tenants to manage their business premises, which would be inspected by designated staff from the Mall Property Management Department and our security personnel during closing hours. Violations will be recorded with (pictures taken) and reported to Mall Property Management Department, who will then notify the tenant in question to take corrective actions and impose penalties in accordance with the "Shopping Mall Management Rules" after verifying the violation. (For more information on "Shopping Mall F and B Tenant Management Rules," refer to Chapter 4.2.1 on Food Safety).

TAIPEI 101 is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities and has included a new clause on corporate social responsibilities in our tower tenant regulations in 2015. The clause states: "Both TAIPEI 101 and the Tenant pledge to emphasize corporate social responsibilities. In addition to striving for outstanding corporate management, both parties shall pay attention to social relationship and sustainable environmental protection in pursuit of the sustainable development of the business". For new tenants the clause on corporate social responsibility has been incorporated into the new standard contract; for existing tenants, the clause has been appended into their original contract in the format of a memorandum. In 2016, 65 of our tenants have signed the agreement and the number has doubled compared to that of 2015. We will continue to work to encourage brands at the shopping mall to fulfill our commitment to corporate social responsibility together.

5.3.2 Product and Service Quality and Transparent Communication


This section will provide further information on the products and services offered by TAIPEI 101 while disclosing the operating mechanisms behind our customer service complaint channels and the results of our customer satisfaction survey.

Outstanding TAIPEI 101 Products

We have set up a souvenir shop at the observatory for the sale of DAMPER BABY (an independent brand that we have created) souvenirs along with other original products featuring various Taiwanese characteristics and elements in order for foreign visitors to buy famous products of Taiwan as keepsakes of their visit.

Supporting Local Products

We support Taiwan's agriculture, especially Taiwan's local fruits. The fruits went through the direct fermentation and transformation by beneficial bacteria to become handmade fruit vinegar that has been brewed for more than 400 days prior to commercial production. The observatory sells the product in the shop so that foreign tourists would get the opportunity to get to know the value and characteristics of local produce. In order to offer foreign visitors a chance to taste Taiwanese delicacies such as pineapple cakes, retro-flavor dried fruits and so forth, we have also set up a special counter in the observatory so that visitors can buy them as souvenirs and help to promote Taiwan's food culture.

Adequate Information Disclosure

All products, be it our own products of consigned products such as stationeries, apparels and so forth, must comply with pertinent product label regulations and disclose complete product information to safeguard consumers’ rights. Should customers find any issue with our products after purchase, we would determine the cause of the problem and accept returns/exchanges from our customers. All souvenirs sold at the observatory bear their required labels and information pursuant to pertinent regulations, with compliance rate roughly at 100% in 2016. We have sold no products of controversy and ther e had been no product returns made due to product defects/flaws.

Green Eco-Friendly Products

Products and souvenirs sold at TAIPEI 101 observatory shop are made with re-cycled paper. We take responsibility for the quality and safety of products sold at the observatory shop. Not only that, we have also taken the potential environmental impact of these products into consideration. As far as product materials are concerned, we would give preference to recyclable materials and re-usable materials for product packaging. We also encourage our customers to refrain from using packaging materials. (For more information, refer to Chapter 3.3.2 on Eco-Friendly Products).

Cultural Creativity Product Development

For product development, we have worked with local cultural creativity companies for the design of souvenirs. We also display and sell products developed by the National Museum of History, One-stroke Calligraphy Works by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, creative tea bags and Golden Pin Design Award-winning products. We also make an effort to increase the exposure and sales opportunities of our own products on distribution channels such as online malls and airport shops. In 2016, we have also improved upon the combination of merchandise available in our cultural creativity area by offering more product choices (with new Taiwanese tea and facial masks) in the hopes of promoting quality Taiwanese products to visitors from around the world.

Product Safety Inspection

For food products and toys sold at the observatory shop, we ask all vendors to provide review reports of inspection conducted by third parties. Products must be approved after a review before they may be sold at the shop to ensure that no ingredients would cause significant impact on the health of consumers. In 2016, 100% of the products reviewed were found to be compliant; non-conforming products were not permitted for sale at the observatory shop.

  • G4-PR3 (Type of product and service information required by the organization's procedure for product and service information and labeling, and percentage of significant products and service categories subject to such information requirements)
  • G4-PR6 (Sale of banned or disputed products)
Tenant Communication Mechanism

Rendezvous with Tenants

In order to listen to the voices and feedback from our tenants, we have established a quarterly "Rendezvous with Tenants" system for TAIPEI 101's senior management to directly converse with tenants' senior management in order to facilitate intertenant exchanges and foster a sound model of interactions. In 2016, we held s total of four "Rendezvous with Tenants" with themes including Fin Tech, Xinyi District 2.0, New Southbound Policy and Future Office Spatial Planning. For the presentation on Fin Tech trends, we have invited FSC Chairman Tseng Ming-Chung as our speaker. The event attracted 26 tenants, 6 directors and 6 representatives of various brand tenants. These events not only enabled international tenants at TAIPEI 101 to better understand relevant government policies but also offer an opportunity for the government to listen to the voices from the public sector. As many of TAIPEI 101's tenants are organizations in the financial sector, the "Rendezvous with Tenants" is therefore the ideal event that enables TAIPEI 101 to become the best platform for communication.

"Rendezvous with Tenants" Events and Topics

Education and Training

Tax Refund Training

With the new tax refund system officially launched on May 1 2016, we have promptly offered our innovative service of setting up a designated tax-refund counter in the city area. The service makes it more convenient for visitors who would otherwise have to apply for tax-refunds at the airport or a harbor by allowing them to collect their tax refunds (must be cash in New Taiwan Dollars) at the designated counter in the city. Once visitors have collected their refund, they would be able to do more shopping at any shop during their stay in Taiwan, thereby facilitating economic growth for retail and tourism related businesses (for more details on tax refunds , please refer to Chapter 2.3.1 on New Tourism Experience).

Foreign visitors spending up to NT$ 2,000 (including tax) or more on any given day at TAIPEI 101 Mall may apply for a tax refund at the tax refund service counter on B1. In 2016, we had processed as many as 125,329 applications for tax refunds and they reflect the importance of tax refund affairs as far as TAIPEI 101 is concerned. As such, we hosted 1~2 training sessions on tax refunds that lasted for 1.5 hours per session for sales personnel at the shopping mall on a monthly basis in the hopes of making the tax return process more convenient and accessible for our foreign visitors.

Retail Staff Training

Although retail tenant sales staff in the shopping mall are not employees hired by us, they are, however, an important medium to convey TAIPEI 101's brand image to customers. In order to provide all customers with the experience of professional and privileged services, we have developed "Shopping Mall Management Rules," "Shopping Mall F and B Tenant Management Rules" and "Retail Tenant Personnel Education Manual" to regulate the service and conduct of the sales staffs.

Channels of Customer Service Complaints – Customer Service System

We believe an ideal system of service should be capable of improving our interaction with customers. As such, in order to improve our customer service efficacy, listen to customer's voices and handle all suggestions in a transparent manner, we have integrated the service hotlines for the office tower, the shopping mall and the observatory in with an investment of NT$ 3 million in an effort to create a customer service system and provide a means for customers to lodge complaints and quality service in terms of complaint handling.

Customers can voice their opinions through our official website, email, telephone or drop by in person at the B1 customer service center in the shopping mall. Suggestions submitted between the hours of 9:00 AM through 10:00 PM (regular business hours) would be relayed to relevant departments by email within 24 hours by Mall Customer Service's personnel. Starting from June 2016, customer emails could be directly forwarded to the responsible personnel. To prevent the loss of valuable customer suggestion, customers calling during non-operating hours can leave their message and the customer service representative will prioritize responding to messages left by customers. Results of customer complaint handling are classified into "normal", "important" and "urgent" and relevant units shall respond to the complaint within 24 hours. Expired items will be displayed by the system for active follow-up.

Channels of Customer Service Complaints – Customer Service System

Division (and higher) level supervisors and Mall Customer Service supervisor can access the system at any time to check on cases and analyze data while the Customer Service supervisor can also access recorded data, with all incoming calls recorded for backup. Each week, customer service will submit the customer service weekly report to division level supervisors to keep track of various items. Frequently asked questions from customers have also been compiled into a knowledge-base that can be passed on to new employees. By the end of March 2016, we have completed our customer service system validation, initiated the construction of our knowledge database and completed our accident analyses in order to further improve our customer satisfaction.

In 2016, we received a total of 225 customer feedback and 62% of these feedbacks were related to customer complaints. The complaints were promptly addressed by responding to the customers within 24 hours. Each and every case of customer complaint is tracked and processed regularly before it is provided to each unit via email on a weekly basis. This reflects the Company's attention to the quality of customer service that we provide. Apart from complaints, we have also received messages of encouragement and praises that boosted our confidence in improving our service quality. We conduct customer satisfaction surveys on a yearly basis and formulate our plans for improvement based on the results. For the results of customer satisfaction survey and corresponding improvement measures, refer to the section on "Service Satisfaction" in this chapter.

Customer Complaint

On January 3 2016, a Gift Card holder completed a transaction at a boutique store at the shopping mall but lodged a complaint against the sales representative due to what transpired during the service process. According to the customer, the sales representative claimed that she could enjoy a discount if the transaction were to be completed in cash. However, the customer later found that if she had paid using her credit card instead, she could have accumulated bonus points or received a cash rebate but had not been adequately informed. Not only that, she was not able to receive the points she should have gotten for a TAIPEI 101 member promotion nor received a receipt or bill for her purchase. She only received an invoice for the transaction and as a result, she was not able to apply for a tax refund. Thus, she sought help from TAIPEI 101 management and formally filed a complaint case in our customer service system.

How the complaint was handled

Expression of Gratitude

On March 7 2016, a visitor suffering from chronic spine illness came to TAIPEI 101 Observatory from Chiayi accompanied by a care-giver. Prior to his departure, he had called our customer service center in advance in order for us to have a designated personnel to guide him via an accessible route that is suitable for someone in a wheelchair. The arrangement was to have our staff assist him in the parking lot and take him to the observatory. After his visit, due to his tight schedule, he had not eaten for the entire day and his glucose level fell too low, which caused him to suffer from palpitations and dizziness. Our staff from the 89F service counter gave him some candy as a quick fix to stabilize his glucose level and helped him to recover.

Upon his return home, the visitor has made a special effort to send us an email to express his gratitude and made several phone calls to the supervisor at the service counter to inform us regarding his status and suggested us to commend the customer service staff. After the Mall Customer Service received the email, the observatory responded by thanking the visitor for his acknowledgment and forwarded his email to the relevant units, while the Mall Customer Service representative logged the case as an expression of gratitude in the system. In order to thank the customer for making the effort to express his gratitude and encouragement, TAIPEI 101 has responded through our customer service system and thanked the customer in return. We also verified the customer service personnel who assisted the customer on the day of the incident and commended her for her efforts. The Customers' praise is not only the best motivator that drives us forward but also serves as a critical propellant that inspires customer service personnel to give their best performance.

Service Satisfaction

Here at TAIPEI 101, we take our service quality and customer satisfaction very seriously. In addition to conducting satisfaction surveys for our office tower, shopping mall and observatory tenants and customers, we also carry out internal satisfaction survey on the quality of our back-up services (refer to Chapter 5.2.2 on Employee Compensation and Benefits for more information).Through he different satisfaction surveys, we were able to analyze the respondents' opinions on different aspects of TAIPEI 101, including its products, services, facilities, activities, customer circulation planning and so forth so that we could improve our brand image, enhance our service quality and foster brand loyalty. We have also established our brand strategies and formulated guidelines on improving our customer satisfaction based on the results of these satisfaction surveys. We have conducted random sampling surveys for observatory visitors between January and November 2016 based on the distribution of their countries of origin and collected a total of 841 valid questionnaires. Compared to the results from 2015, the satisfaction levels for each item showed discrepancies below 2% and most of the customer feedbacks were similar, which goes to show that our customer satisfaction performance for 2016 has in fact been close to that of 2015. The following table is a summary of all satisfaction survey results for visitors at the observatory in 2016:

How the complaint was handled

  • G4-PR5 (Results of surveys measuring customer satisfaction)

Shopping Experience Satisfaction

Ticket Affairs Satisfaction

Marketing Satisfaction

31.19% of the visitors hoped for more food and beverage services to be available at the observatory (highest ratio for 2016 but fell by 1.11% compared to 2015)

31.19% of our visitors wanted TAIPEI 101 to have more food and beverage services available at the observatory (it was 32.3% last year), followed by 25.48% (24.67% in 2015) of visitors wishing to have a 3D viewing room at the observatory. From the statistics, most independent travelers from different countries had ample amount of time while visiting TAIPEI 101 and the survey also showed the multimedia equipment and facilities had the strongest appeal for visitors in the 20-29 age group.

Most visitors (42.50%) recommended the day and night views of Taipei City as their favorite sight, which increased by 2.66% compared to 2015, followed by the express elevator ride (at 32.11%)

From the survey in 2016, we found the two greatest features that visitors at the observatory cared for the most: one being the scenery of greater Taipei area, followed by the express elevator ride. In the future, we will continue to promote the 360-degree view of Taiwan basin from the observatory so that visitors can see the various features and unique characteristics of the city in four different directions and share real-time shots of the view on social networking sites. Given that visitors care for high-tech applications and interactive entertainment on the premises, we have planned to upgrade the touch kiosks on the 89F in order to provide the latest and most userfriendly technological application services and experiences.

Service-related Award

In 2016, TAIPEI 101 employee Yeh Meng-Yao received the "No.1 Outstanding Employee Role Model Award" from the Retailers Association of Chinese Taipei. Meng was originally a service personnel at TAIPEI 101; in addition to being at the frontlines to handle relevant issues and situations with tourists and customers and accommodating to their needs and wishes, he had taken the initiative to observe relevant SOPs and various software/hardware facilities on premise in order to offer useful advice to his supervisors in order for improvements to be made. After he was transferred from the customer service unit to an administrative position, Meng had duly played his role as a bridge of communication among the three parties: supervisors, onsite customer representatives and back-up units. When it came to guiding new employees and temporary personnel, Meng had demonstrated his talents by imparting relevant vocational skills to employees he was assisting while providing feedback to his unit supervisor and the HR unit to lower personnel turnover. Not only that, he had also contributed to the simplification of relevant operating procedures. In the role model selection process, the head of the panelist noted Meng's performance with high praises with the following comment, "By demonstrating his capacity to deliver impeccable service and utilize resources at hand to get things done, it feels like Meng is driven by TAIPEI 101's DNA".

5.3.3 Customer Relationship Management


Through a series of activities and events, we have endeavored to maintain our relationship with customers. These events include: tenant engagement events, thematic seminars, tenant benefits and VIP events. In addition, the shopping mall also invited representatives from 9 tenants to take part in the TAIPEI 101 run-up in order to create more opportunities to interact with shopping mall tenants.

Year-end Thanksgiving Party

We held a year-end Thanksgiving Party last year and in addition to having supervisors of tenants at the shopping mall and office tower at the party, we also invited close to 100 distinguished guests including officials from the Ministry of Finance, Department of Information and Tourism, diplomats from various countries, our corporate partners, companies from the Xinyi District, new year event sponsors, directors and auditors in order to bring all supporters of TAIPEI 101 together so that we can express our gratitude and share with them the achievements we have accomplished for the past year. Through the Thanksgiving Party, the 90-odd representatives from the government, relevant sectors, tenants and members of the community were able to bond and hopefully create more opportunities for cooperation in the future.

VIP Events

In 2016, we renovated TAIPEI 101's VIP Room in the hopes of providing various exclusive experiences that differ from the typical lounge features of normal VIP rooms for our members. In addition to enabling our VIP members to taste the finest delicacies prepared by premium restaurants, we have also collaborated with selected art galleries across Taiwan to display the best collection of master pieces by contemporary artists from Asia in order to refine the spatial quality and atmosphere in the VIP Room. The array of multinational artworks and exhibit display and the series of customized courses tailored specifically for our VIP members enable our VIP members to relish the ultimate feast of aesthetics that titillate all their five senses of taste, smell, hearing, sight and touch.

In 2016, the shopping mall held a total of 16 events at the VIP Room and invited holders of our VIP card to take part. The average attendance for each event was at 20 participants.

Themed Seminars

In addition, we have also organized seminars on a variety of topics on top of offering space for office tower tenants to host their activities so that they could take advantage of the premium services that our world-class business and office tower have to offer. These activities also presented us with opportunities to find out the tenants' view on TAIPEI 101 while helping us to shape a corporate culture with a dash of culture and harmony.

Tenant Benefits

We have launched numerous special promotions on products sold at the shopping mall for our tenants from time to time in addition to 20% off on all observatory tickets and souvenirs for all TAIPEI 101 tenants.

List of Themed Seminars

  • Does not include environmental protection seminars and "Appointment with Tenant" events.

5.4 Social Participation


TAIPEI 101 has striven to become the world's tallest platform of charity. And as such, we have taken actions to care and assist the disadvantaged minorities by functioning as a reliable support for social welfare groups. Through TAIPEI 101's influence, we hope to inspire more enterprises to joinour ranks to make our society a better place.

5.4.1 Community Charity Events

Light Up with Love

In order to draw the general public's attention for specific groups or issues, TAIPEI 101 has often resorted to light-up events in the hopes of appealing to the society to contribute to charity on a quarterly basis by partnering with other companies in the Xinyi District by turning on our outer wall lights for specific charity events, such as the TSC Global Awareness Day, World Alzheimer's Month, World Prematurity Day and so forth. We have collaborated with 15 other collaborations in the charitable light-up events. The list of light up events in 2016 is as shown below.

List of Light Up Events in 2016

Lighting for World Autism Awareness Day – TAIPEI 101 Lights up in Blue Awareness Day

On April 2, TAIPEI 101 observed the World Autism Awareness Day by changing its lintel light to blue in response to the Autism Speaks – Light It Up Blue event in the U.S. in the hopes of raising the society's awareness for autism. We also advocated taking concrete actions of "respect, support and acceptance" while reminding the general public on the importance of early detection and early treatment for autism.

The Earth Hour Lights-Off

In addition to lighting-up, TAIPEI 101 has also called out to the general public to conserve energy and reduce carbon emission by turning lights off. As a response to the Earth Hour event (i.e., turning lights off for one hour) initiated by the Society of Wilderness on March 25, TAIPEI 101 has turned off its outer wall lights between 8:30 PM and 9:30 PM as a way to remind everyone to conserve energy and protect the earth. Not only that, we also displayed texts such as "Lights off for an hour", "60+", "Earth Hour" on the LED wall on 59F and 60F on the north side of the office tower in order to reach out to more people to join our ranks in environmental protection efforts. In addition, we have also taken part in relevant events to collaborate with other companies in the Xinyi District by turning lights off for an hour or the entire night on Earth Day. A total of 28 companies took part in the event.

  • Companies that took part in the Earth Hour (28 in total): TAIPEI 101, TWTC International Trade Building Corporation, Grand Hyatt Taipei, VIESHOW CINEMAS, HOMEHOTEL, NEO19, Kelti International, Le Meridien Taipei, Humble House Taipei, BELLAVITA, CPC Corporation Taiwan, Walsin Lihwa Xinyi Building, Eslite Xinyi Store, Farglory Financial Center, President International Development Corp. (Taipei City Hall Bus Station), Uni-Ustyle Department Stores, W Hotels Taipei, Uni-President International Building, ATT 4 FUN, Shin Kong Xinyi Financial Center (A12), Jasper Villa Xinyi, Breeze SongGao, Breeze Xinyi, Cathay Landmark, Cathay Financial Center, Cathay Xinyi Trading Center, Hua Nan Commercial Bank Corporate Plaza, Shin Kong Mitsukoshi

Community Events

In order to facilitate bonding with residents in surrounding communities, TAIPEI 101 has promoted relevant events and discounts so that TAIPEI 101 could become a part of local citizens' day-to-day life. Through our "Befriending Our Neighbors Project", we have collaborated with the local district office in the promotion of community public art exhibitions by organizing the "A stroll in the Xinyi District" on May 28, which attracted 90 participants. In addition, TAIPEI 101 observatory also offers a special 30% discount for employees of Taipei City Government so that they would have an opportunity to appreciate the view of the city that they have dedicated themselves to serving. In 2016, TAIPEI 101 observatory also planned the "101 Sky high Camping" and "Sky high Cinema" to offer new lifestyle experiences for the general public.

  • G4-EC8 (Significant indirect impacts, including the extent of impacts)
  • G4-SO1 (Percentage of operations with implemented local community engagement, impact assessments, and development programs)

101 Sky high Camping

TAIPEI 101 obser vator y broke the conventional idea that camping can only be done outdoors by making access to the 101th floor available to the general public for the very first time, making it the tallest camping site in Taiwan. The event was mainly targeted at families and children, with activity content scovering astronomic obser vation, parentchildren interaction, guided tour for children, quiz with prizes and so forth in order to make an educational and entertaining sky high camping experience for participating families. TAIPEI 101 observatory has also taken the initiative to offer materials and resources such as tents, bed rolls, sleeping bags, meals, free parking and such thoughtful services have received significant positive response and acknowledgement from the participants. In 2016, we held five sky high camping events with a total of 800 vacancies, which were fully taken. The event enabled participants to have a greater sense of recognition for TAIPEI 101 in their community through this unique camping experience.

Sky high Cinema

During the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2016, TAIPEI 101 has scheduled for a Sky high Cinema event in the outdoor area of the observatory on the 91F. The event will combine the fun aspects of scenery appreciation, moon viewing, cinema viewing, enjoying the light refreshments that will be provided at the event. Not only that, participants will be seated in comfortable seats designed for NBA stars at the Sky high Cinema so that the participants will be able to come together at the highest location in Taipei City (at a height of approximately 400 meters) to watch classic movies in order to help to create a new experience and lifestyle for the general public at TAIPEI 101 so that TAIPEI 101 could become an important venue where people can rest, engage in recreational activities and create communal memories.

Charity Events

In 2016, TAIPEI 101 has sought to strengthen the use of its premises and increase the number of participants through different events. In addition to designing various charity events, we have also held a number of activities with the intention of encouraging social enterprises in the hopes of reaching out to the general public to become supporters of the cause. We shall become the world’s highest platform for charity and bring various social issues to the attention of the general public and everyone related.

Blood Donation Day

To support the cause of "A Gift that Saves Lives", TAIPEI 101 has been working with Taipei Blood Center ever since 2008 for the organization of blood donation day. Our restaurant tenant also sponsored free red bean soup to encourage tenants and their employees to roll up their sleeves for the benevolent deed. TAIPEI 101 held the blood donation day event in May and September 2016 that attracted 196 donors, who gave a total of 268 pouches (in 250c.c.) of blood.

Christmas Charity Concert

In the Christmas season of 2016, TAIPEI 101 has continued to promote charity and benevolence in the spirits of Christmas and thanksgiving by collaborating with the Vatican for the second time on December 12 as we jointly organized the "Christmas Charity Concert".

In addition to setting up booths for charitable donations, TAIPEI 101 Chairman Chou Te-Yu had also presented the charitable donation on behalf of the tenants that had generously contributed to the cause along with 101 Christmas cards handwritten by our tenants to the recipients during the party. He wanted to deliver the blessings and warmth of Christmas to children and seniors in remote townships in Hualien while taking concrete actions to express TAIPEI 101's support and encouragement for the sisters that had worked selflessly to improve lives in remote townships over the years. We raised a total of NT$ 413,200, which was donated in full to the St. Martha Institute (SMI). SMI had offered its services in remote townships of Hualien for more than 55 years in the past.

"Making Dreams Come True Project" for Disadvantaged Minorities

As one of Taiwan's most important landmark to many, a visit to TAIPEI 101 is also the dream for many children in remote townships and disadvantaged minorities in Taiwan. Every year, TAIPEI 101 helps many disadvantaged minority groups by making their dreams come true so that children from remote areas in other parts of Taiwan could visit other places away from where they live to experience and explore and by visiting the world-class landmark that is TAIPEI 101, thereby broadening their vision and fulfill their dreams. In 2016, we had a total of 1,500 on charitable visits. Many of the children who have visited TAIPEI 101 have written or drawn their impression of TAIPEI 101 as their keepsake of the pleasant memories they have gotten from the "Making Dreams Come True Project".

Relay of Love – Adv ocating Awareness for Pulmonary Hypertension

For patients suffering from rare illnesses, they are more likely to delay receiving medical treatment simply due to a lack of understanding of their ailment. As such, it takes constant effort over a long period of time in order to convince the general public to pay attention to their illnesses and receive medical attention as soon as possible. The event was intended to raise the general public's awareness for pulmonary hypertension so as to help more potential patients seek early medical attention and assistance. For the participants, for each story of stairs they climb and each balloon they blow after climbing the stairs, they will raise NT$ 100 for patients suffering from pulmonary hypertension. A total of NT$ 100,000 was raised through the event and the amount was donated in full to Cardiac Children's Foundation Taiwan.

Taiwanese Anti-Cancer Association – Indomitable Cyclists Advocacy Campaign

The Taiwanese Anti-Cancer Association is an organization that promotes the idea of fighting cancer through physical exercises. In this event, the association has gathered 50 indomitable cyclists and their families, accompanied by 30 cyclists riding for the cause of charity to embark on a "Tour de Taiwan" that runs for a total distance of 1,100 kilometers. Hopefully through the campaign of completing a roundabout tour of Taiwan on bicycles and the act of challenging themselves, the cyclists would be able to overcome the setbacks they have encountered in their struggle against cancer with an active mindset while enabling the general public to learn about how they could accompany friends or families that have been diagnosed with cancer on the path of fighting cancer through the process of riding along with the indomitable cyclists.

Charitable Auction and Fundraiser for Guide Dogs

In order to help the general public better appreciate the importance of mutual trust and dependency between those with visual impairment and their guide dogs, we have organized this charity event by hosting a charitable auction and fundraiser at the MRT Plaza. We raised a total of NT$ 45,977 through the event.

Let Life Shine ── A Fair of Benevolence

In an effort to assist Lin Yuh Chi Foundation to raise the funds needed to help train patients suffering from spinal cord injuries to rebuild their lives and rejoin their communities, TAIPEI 101 has donated new products and various materials from the observatory to the foundation in order for the foundation to host a charitable fair at the Flora Expo Park. 90% of the proceedings from the auction were donated to the Potential Development Center for Spinal Cord Sufferers while the remaining 10% was donated to the Maria Theresia Social Welfare Foundation to set up community book houses for children in remote townships.

Shoes First – Fashionable Shoe Exhibition

In April 2016, TAIPEI 101 held the Shoes First – Fashionable Shoe Exhibition on the 4F Plaza. With footwear as the central exhibit for the event, the exhibition featured exquisite ladies shoes from 7 major international boutique brand names from the personal collections of five celebrities: Alyssa Chia, Hebe, Amber An, Vivian Sung and Gao Yuan Yuan. As a part of the exhibition,TAIPEI 101 collaborated with Marie Claire by launching the "Pooling Love with NT$50" event, which involves Alyssa Chia and Gao Yuan Yuan to each donate of two pairs of their treasured high heels for charitable auction – by simply donating NT$50 on the Shoes First event website, one could have a chance to winthe exquisite pairs of shoes that Alyssa Chia and Gao Yuan Yuan used to own. The proceedings were donated in full to CTBC Charity Foundation in an effort to contribute to educational resources for children in remote areas of Taiwan and offer our assistance for under privileged students.

Material and Cash Donations

TAIPEI 101 has spared no efforts or resources in its charitable investments and in 2016, our charitable investment covered three major categories of charity event expenses, donations and infrastructure investments. Within those, TAIPEI 101 has spent approximately NT$7.35 million to support the charitable events covered in the previous section, with roughly NT$ 530,000 of direct donations and other donations. Together with an investment of approximately NT$22.75 million on providing the venues for charitable events and decorations, our total of charitable investment for 2016 came to approximately NT$30.63 million.

  • G4-EC8 (Significant indirect impacts, including the extent of impacts)