Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

The world's tallest green building

As an iconic landmark of Taiwan and a popular tourist attraction, TAIPEI 101 has established a specific vision and mission to guide its internal operations to ensure the continuous development of its sustainable operation strategy. Externally, TAIPEI 101 is committed to its mission of bringing exposure to Taiwan and promoting cultural creativity and charity. In addition to delivering outstanding tourism experience to the foreign guests and visitors here at TAIPEI 101 on a daily basis, we have also actively vied for international honors and recognitions so that TAIPEI 101 can provide local social enterprises and cultural creativity businesses a stage for them to shine. Through the highest platform that is TAIPEI 101, we shall create more international exposure for Taiwan and make her visible to the rest of the world.

Number of Visitors Received
at The Observatory


Occupancy Rate of
Office Tower


Shopping Mall


After-tax Net Profit (NT$ billion)

10.77 2013
17.23 2014
20.36 2015

Number of Visitors Received at The Observatory


Occupancy Rate of Office Tower


Shopping Mall Revenue


Amount of local procurement constituted


of overall procurement

Accredited to


Personal Information Management System Standard

Total Duration of Outsourced Vendor Training (hours)

4,598 2013
4,224 2014
7,287 2015

Received the TCSA

Climate Leadership


Purchased A Total of

1.01 GWh of Green Power

Total Power Usage(kWh)

84,733,400 2013
84,684,000 2014
86,399,400 2015

Total Greenhouse Gas Emission (metric ton)

Scope 1

21.75 2013
57.06 2014
137.17 2015

Scope 2

28,232.00 2013
28,063.00 2014
29,206.80 2015

Scope 3

0 2013
0 2014
18,082.64 2015

Percentage of Waste Generated and Recyclable Waste (kg)

Total Waste

1,140,960 2013
2,485,835 2014
2,547,866 2015

Percentage of Recyclable Waste

1,140,960 2013
2,485,835 2014
2,547,866 2015

Shopping Center (metric ton /1000 people)

24.15 2013
23.65 2014
24.11 2015

Office Tower (metric ton /1000 people)

21.97 2013
22.80 2014
23.02 2015

Total Water Usage
(metric ton)

538,603 2013
567,442 2014
577,079 2015

Donated NT$1.1M

to Natural Valley over 5 years

The ratio of male: female employee is42%:58%

among the newly hired employees,70%were female

Stakeholder Engagement Seminar

1shareholder,2office tower tenants.3shopping mall tenants,3suppliers

Average salary higher than national minimum wage

3.31times for male employees2.5times for female employees

Total Hours of Training Completed by Employees(hours)

7,028 2013
7,452 2014
8,778 2015

Social Investment(unit in NT$)

98,990,000 2013
77,443,811 2014
67,923,326 2015

Drafted and implemented

“Supplier Social Responsibility Guidelines” &

“Health and Safety Standards for Restaurant Tenants”

Clauses and terms on corporate social responsibility have been appended to office tenant regulations. Presently, 30 office tenants have signed the agreement.

Promote Social Enterprise

Organized 5 social enterprise seminars

Generated a revenue of NT$ 221,029 from the sales of social enterprise products over 9 business days

Signed MOU with tenants to support fair trade, agricultural products from local social enterprises

International Honors and Recognitions

  • Received the Environmentally Friendly Exemplar in the CSR Award from Global Views Monthly
  • Received Green Leadership Award in the AREA Successfully upgraded to LEED v4 Platinum
  • Certification in July and became the first supertall building to receive LEED v4 Platinum Certification ex-U.S. and the holder of the highest LEED v4 score thus far
  • Popular Mechanics: "The world's toughest building"
  • BBC: "One of the world's 8 most beautiful skyscrapers"
  • Received the Climate Leadership Award in the 2015 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Award
  • CNN: "One of 12 Elevators You Need To See To Believe"
  • CNN: "One of 25 Mankind's Greatest Engineering Achievements"
  • CNN: "One of 25 Icon Structures in the World" CNN: "One of 49 Journeys That Will Change Your Life" "One of the world's top 10 eco-friendly offices"
  • CNN: "One of 10 Places to Celebrate the New Year in Style"
  • Certified as LEED Platinum building by the US Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • Discovery: "One of the Seven Wonders of Engineering"
  • Newsweek Magazine: "One of the Seven New Wonders of the World"
  • The observatory elevator was recognized as "the world's fastest elevator by Guinness World Records".
  • Certified by CTBUH as the tallest building of the world, measured by roof and floor usage.