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Our love is not only more highly temperature

Taipei 101 people burdened with high expectations, the land of the people of Taiwan into the international hardworking, while Taipei 101 is accompanied by growing together, and the duty to lead to the world. Therefore, when the operation began a successful profitable business team joined forces to This landmark building location, only it's not just a building, but to the entire society can be more active contribution and value of the platform - as a charitable disadvantaged groups used the world's highest public platform! But we do not only provide a high degree of public services, more warm degree. 101 public platform hopes to become vulnerable groups and welfare organizations can participate in shared public platform, in addition to the target through a clear and positive matchmaking strategy continued to 12,000 tenant buildings and shopping centers, the viewing platform to consumers, as well as foreign circles Participation in Taipei 101 entities in the Field, exudes warmth and great invisible force, but also to establish the best matchmaking pipeline on the page, the continuation of the concept of material, so that all groups and resources are needed to provide the ability of the enterprise resource link up, depicting Desired, love was caring for living things, so that the earth's resources continue indefinitely to assist the financing of various public resources, real complete every dream.

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